Welcome Home Cookies

We all have that one friend that can NEVER say no…that always has a million and one things that they are juggling in the air. Well, for me, that is my neighbor Christy. She always takes on more than she can handle. “What was I thinking?”, she’ll ask. I always try to reassure her that she can do it and she has it under control. Luckily, for Keith, I am that friend to him.

Keith is a realtor here in Greenville, South Carolina, and when he asked me if I had time to make a Welcome Home gift for his clients of course I said yes! Never mind that he needed this order in 5 days, and I had family coming in town in 3 days. I thought to myself, “I got this. One dozen hand-painted custom cookies can be made by Thursday night. No sweat!”

So there I was, taking a page from The Neighbor Christy Handbook. Juggling getting the house in order, preparing both guestrooms with fresh sheets and bedding, working full-time and making cookies. I didn’t think that I could get it all done.

Here is the finished product. This set includes an adorable gold address plaque with matching keys, a door that matches the door of the house and a rendering of the couples’ newly purchased home. I also added a welcome mat and sold sign. The remaining 4 cookies are personalized with Keith’s logo.

Welcome Home 1

Just look at that GOLD! I love using this gold because it is super shiny!

Welcome Home 2.jpg

Check out Keith Boling and his listings at www.buyandsellwithBoling.com. He is a great realtor! You won’t find anyone better in the Greenville area!


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