Julie the Hula Girl

This past weekend I had the honor of celebrating one of the most amazing people I know…Julie! She is beautiful, honest, hardworking, funny and perpetually happy…among many other things that would take me a year to type here. She is also one of the Brown girls…that is her gang of sisters BTW…whom I adore. So when I heard that Julie’s gang was throwing her a 50th birthday celebration I couldn’t wait to get in on the action.

Brown Girls

I emailed one of her sisters and found out that they were planning a HUGE Hawaiian style luau with tons of decorations and food and music. That is when I decided to make luau themed cookies. I got the inspiration from a post I saw from Callye with Sweet Sugar Belle. You can check out her original post here. I purchased Callye’s cookie cutter from Truly Mad Plastics and couldn’t wait to put my spin on the cookies.

I made the hula girls to match Julie…she is the hot redhead in the middle of the picture above. I also added some Tiki Masks. I also used hand piped hibiscus flowers and flower shaped sprinkles as finishing touches. Here are some pictures of the final product.

I had just as much fun making these cookies as I did celebrating with the Brown Girls…my adopted sisters!

Final Set

Hula Girls
Hula Girls - Back

IMG_20160806_181156Tiki MaskPalm Tree


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